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Masked Grammarian: Joyce Sterling Scarbrough

Faster than a run-on sentence, more powerful than italics plus an exclamation point, able to spot a passive verb at a thousand yards, that's me—The MASKED GRAMMARIAN! Disguised as a mild-mannered wife and mother by day, our heroine seeks out careless writing under the cover of darkness and wages a one-woman war against wordiness, double negatives, and the dreaded dangling participle. With her atomic heat vision—powered by mega doses of caffeine and a pair of fashionable reading glasses—she reunites split infinitives by the dozens. With a superhuman vocabulary too vast for mere mortals to comprehend, she zaps clichés and redundancies into oblivion. No one knows for certain how she came to be the Purveyor of Powerful Prose. Could she be from the planet Nerdulus, or is the color blue the secret to her linguistic powers? Is that why she loves the color so much? You'll have to read her books to find out!

JOYCE SCARBROUGH writes both adult and YA fiction and has five published novels. She was formerly the senior editor for Champagne Books and now does freelance editing. Joyce is the mother of three gifted children and a blind Pomeranian named Tilly, and she’s been married for 33 years to the love of her life—a superhero who disguises himself during the day as a math teacher and coach at Baker High School.

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