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Mr. Illustrator: Steven Moore

By day he's the mild mannered creative element of an IT department. But at night he becomes an artist wearing a tight fitting superhero costume.

Steven Moore has been telling stories with his art since he was a young child.

Author Candace Sams wrote: "In Steven's artwork, I see the whimsy, intensity and honor of each character he has imagined. Every pen stroke has been placed with not only an eye to detail, but to draw the onlooker into a place and time many of us wish existed.

"It's easy to see he loves his work. His black-and-white renderings are of such quality that anyone studying them can imagine another reality. If you scrutinize his art for any length of time, you can actually smell the greenery of magical woodlands; hear the clank of armor, or the whinny of a high-bred stallion. Listen closer and you can hear the smattering of gnome voices as if they're beside you. When a dragon roars, Steven captures the sound of it with ink.

"What Steven has shared isn't just the talent of drawing. He's conveying dreams. And in a world that is often tormented with despair, tragedy and cynicism, there is no greater gift one human can give another then the ability to imagine. The worlds he creates—with his pens and inks—are stunning and full of life. And all this from a human being who is as humble and friendly as some of the ethereal characters he has crafted.

"It would be enough to say that Steven Moore is a master artist, skilled in mesmerizing others with his fantastical drawing. But add to that his ability to magnificently write stories to go with the characters he sketches and it's easy to see some otherworldly force is acting through him. Truly... the gnomes, elves, dragons and knights are on Steven's side. Through him, they become real to the rest of us. Through him, they speak to us all."

Born in Frankfurt Germany on a U.S. Army base, Steven Moore has traveled to several countries and been to numerous states within the U.S., but has lived most of his life near the Gulf Coast of Alabama. He currently resides in Loxley, Alabama with his wife and daughter.

His Runes & Realms™ series is the first of the Downtime Reads™—books written for the entire family to enjoy during their downtimes and specifically written to motivate mid-grade readers and reluctant teen readers to read.

To encourage anyone who wishes to draw, but feels they can't or don't know where to start, he created The How-To Book for Artists Who Can't Draw™. A workbook for the true beginner.

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